Civil Society, the State and Culture in Comparative Perspective
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Project Theme 2:
Public Policy and Policy Networks in Global Civil Society

Research Theme

We believe that lobal public policy must be based onmutual understanding and new global values as well as on global civil society and public. This suggests that we need to acknowledge the differences and universality and avoid self-righteousness (nationalism) and uniformity (Americanization).

Project Members

Modern Cultures and Public Policies Professor MATSUOKA Hiroshi
Social Sciences Professor NAKA Shigeto
Social Sciences Professor MOTOSAWA Miyoko
International Political Economy Professor AKANEYA Tatsuo
International Political Economy Professor Neantro SAAVEDRA-RIVANO
International Political Economy Professor HATANO Sumio
History and Anthropology Associate Professor HIMEOKA Toshiko
Social Sciences Associate Professor OKAUE Masami
Social Sciences Associate Professor HOSHINO Yutaka
Social Sciences Associate Professor MURAKAMI Masako
International Political Economy Associate Professor SUZUKI Kazuto
International Political Economy Associate Professor MINOWA Mari
International Political Economy Associate Professor YOSHIDA Osamu
Education * Associate Professor SATO Mariko
Modern Cultures and Public Policies Instructor OHTOMO Takafumi
Modern Cultures and Public Policies Instructor MIWA Hiroki

Affiliated Non-Resident Researchers

National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies OHNO Kenichi
National Institute for Environmental Studies KAMEYAMA Yasuko
Tohoku University KAWATO Sadafumi
Kyoto University OTAKE Hideo
Kyoto University MABUCHI Masaru
University of California, Berkeley T.J. PEMPEL
Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg Gesine FOLJANTY-JOST
University of the Philippines Visayas, Cebu College Cherry Piquero BALLESCAS
University of Jena Hartmut BEHR
The Institute of State and Law, Russian Academy of Science William SMIRNOV
Korea University YEOM Jaeho
Inha University KIM Woonghe
Istanbul Bilgi University Aykut KANSU